The Worshipful Company of Firefighters Charitable Trust

Frances Blois (Chairman)

Worshipful Company of Firefighters Charitable Trust

The Charitable Trust realises that the world of the Fire Industry and the Fire and Rescue Service, like many sectors, is changing at a considerable pace and we will shortly be looking at the current core charities to see if these reflect the changing environment. We will also consider what else we can do in the youth and young persons sector. This draws on one of “Aims and Objectives” of the Company and the Charitable Trust in providing opportunities to promote responsible and good citizenship for future generations.

Over the last year we have continued to support a number of Fire Cadet programmes run by London Fire Brigade and the Essex Fire and Rescue Service, as well as a specific project for the Air Training Corps aligned to the Ministry of Defence Firefighting School at Manston in Kent. We have made grants to other youth related charities including the "Burns Camp", which provides confidence re-building strategies for young people who have been burned in fire related events. We have also made a grant award to "FIRE AID", a charity which utilises volunteers from across the United Kingdom Firefighting Services to equip and train overseas Fire and Rescue Services in communities less fortunate than ourselves, such as in Moldova.

The Lord Mayor's Charity has again been supported. An exciting Education and Training initiative is being steered by the Education and Training Committee towards granting recognition awards to graduate students who present valuable and worthwhile dissertations and theses surrounding Fire and Rescue and Fire Industry related educational projects from 11 recognised Educational Establishments.